The foundations of Riva Gold were laid in 1996 as a family company. Since then, Riva has climbed the steps of success thanks to an age-old experience of ancestors, which was left to the young generation as a characteristic inheritance. What leads Riva to rise has been the decision made in 1999 upon being not only marketer but also manufacturer of quality with the objective of introducing the brand to a broader customer base.

With a common sense of vision which emphasizes “to produce new and now” by putting quality and design first, satisfaction next and profit last and traditional family values including a strong work ethic, Riva has established its product line to deliver the best! Riva has a broad collection portfolio ranging from bracelets and necklaces to earrings and rings with the production options of 8K, 9K, 10K, 18K, 21K, 22K as well as 14K. The brand is going on releasing new collections, based on the know-how and providing its craftsmen with an environment for Research and Development. To deliver the best is made possible by standardizing the high-technology in basic manufacturing techniques like press, casting and especially hollow. In the meantime, Riva moved its production headquarter to VizyonPark when the standards call for a brand new area to expand their shine.

Planning to maintain steady growth with the production slices of 20% for Turkey and 80% for exportation, Riva owns and operates the approach of marketing a ‘gold’ experience more than a price tag or a package. Since its approach, customers not only from Turkey market but also from all around the world have come to recognize Riva’s name synonymous with quality, honesty and innovation. This gold experience refers to the superior experience including affordability and feeling special expected from the neighborhood store along with the variety and service expected from an international company.